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-"Good Growing!" since 1978

Our Location

1030 N. Warson Rd.
    Olivette, MO 63132

Urban Gardening

Come celebrate 45 years of "Good Growing!" with us!


Mon-Sat:    8AM - 5PM
Sun:    10AM - 4PM

Please note that hours change seasonally

Gardening Tools

Products & Services

We are a service oriented, retail plant nursery with landscape design services.  We offer quality plant material and products at a fair price, carefully chosen to best satisfy the needs of our customers.

We provide friendly service and a knowledgeable staff, ready to listen and address the special needs of gardening in our St. Louis neighborhoods.

We provide a working environment that is safe, respectful of the individual, and supportive of the advancement of knowledge in our field.

Gift Certificates Available

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