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Call Us Today!
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Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 4th

Our annual Easter egg hunt is coming up! It's open to children ages 1-12. Please call in advance to reserve a spot to make sure we have enough eggs for each child. We are holding three separate hunts, all of which span about an hour, at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm. During that time, children can pot up a plant to take home as well!

Be Sure to Water Evergreens
This winter has been dryer than normal, so make sure your evergreens stay watered. A great way is to leave a bucket of water outside, let it freeze, then put the block of ice near the base of the evergreen. The block will melt and provide excellent time-released moisture. You can also take out your sprinkler for a quick winter's romp; just make sure to empty it and put it away afterwards!
Start Planning Spring Planting
Have questions about what/where/when, sizing, consultations, design, pricing, spring 'wake up,' and more? Stop by Hartke Nursery for help setting up your plan for spring.
Keep an Eye Out for Witchhazel
Witchhazel may bloom on warmer winter days, providing a splash of color to the season. Be sure to keep it watered and enjoy the view.
Forcing Paper Whites
Like a little touch of spring! Start with a non-porous container 3+ inches deep and 4+ inches wide. Fill with gravel, marbles, pebbles or any material that the bulb can root into to a depth of aprox. 3-5 inches. Press the bulb point side up halfway, 'nesting' into the base material. Add water until it touches the bulb. Add water as necessary to keep the bulb just wet, and in 1-2 weeks, the leaves will grow. Soon after, the bloom will open. After the bloom is done, dipose and if you'd like, replant a new bulb.
Best Garden Center - Riverfront Times 2013

"There's something nostalgic about visiting Hartke Nursery. Perhaps it's the red wagons Hartke uses as shopping carts; those antique Radio Flyers really take you back. Or maybe it's the old farmhouse that Hartke uses as its office. Whatever it is, this sprawling Olivette Nursery almost seems too good to be true."- Riverfront Times

Water Problems?

Hartke Nursery offers the consultation services of Cindy Collins, owner of Hartke Nursery. She has been involved in rain garden design/installation for ten years and can help you assess your water problems. She has information for assessing your needs and points to consider for the best plan for directing water flow on your property. Call 314-997-6679 for more information.

Cindy is well experienced in using native pants in Missouri gardens and is a member of Grow Native, International Society of Arboriculture, Perennial Plant Association, Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association and is a certified nursery professional.

Give the Gift that keeps on Growing!


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